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Stellenbosch | Western Cape

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  • Mixed-Use Lifestyle Hub
  • 70 ha Property
  • 158 stands totaling 290 000 sqm
  • Multi-level structures spanning three stories
Design District Conceptual Masterplan

Welcome to Stellenbosch Design District:
Where Elegance Meets Innovation
Discover a new era of sophistication at the Stellenbosch Design District, an upcoming commercial lifestyle hub positioned to become the ultimate destination for design, fashion, and luxury retail. This premier outlet park will redefine the shopping experience, featuring flagship stores, design showrooms, art galleries, and specialty boutiques that beckon both locals and tourists seeking a taste of the extraordinary.

An Oasis of Creativity
Stellenbosch Design District unfolds as a vibrant expression of creativity, where public art installations and creative studios can be found. Exploring the open-air walkways unveils a hub of innovation, featuring buzzing cafes that offer ideal spaces for both relaxation and networking. The appeal of this project extends beyond its walls, drawing you into attractive outdoor spaces decorated with beautifully landscaped gardens.

Tailored Sections for Every Experience

  1. The Streetscape: The heart of Vredenheim’s charm lies in its streetscape, where integrated building frontage and high-quality materials create an ambiance of refined elegance.
  2. Midblock Pedestrian Links: Seamless connectivity is implemented into the walkway-network of Vredenheim, with midblock pedestrian links enhancing accessibility and encouraging exploration.
  3. Squares and Courtyards: Communal spaces, squares, and courtyards become gathering points, fostering a sense of community amidst the sophistication.
  4. Landscaped Central Park: Nature takes center stage in the landscaped central park, a tranquil oasis providing a serene retreat amid the bustling commercial activity.
  5. Sports Park: For the active and the enthusiasts, Vredenheim introduces a sports park, offering a dynamic space for recreational pursuits.


Step into Stellenbosch Design District, where the marriage of elegance and innovation sets the stage for a shopping experience like no other. This commercial lifestyle hub is not just a destination; it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in a world where each section tells a unique story of sophistication and convenience. Welcome to Vredenheim, where lifestyle aspirations find a new home.

Stellenbosch Design District Logo
Design District Conceptual Masterplan

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